About us

Hireavwcalifornia.co.uk was born in 2015 apart of the VW California club which is a hugely popular enthusiast website for VW California Van owners not only in the UK but also worldwide.  Early in 2017 Hireavwcalifornia.co.uk was acquired by Adam Hardingham of Rivmedia, a keen VW bus enthusiast himself with the desire to change the way the VW Rental space is structured which made hireavwcalifornia.co.uk a perfect fit.

Making massive strides towards marketing locale specific listings to various demographics, hopefully reaching a much wider audience and putting money back into the pockets of our generous van owners. We will still be working closely with the community at VW California Club and hope to help each other going forward.

We offer a personal service to both our customers and our campervan owners, we are always on hand to offer advice and answer any questions and responses to emails are generally with in a couple of hours. ( No later than 24 hours ).

We are unable to deal with actual booking enquiries, or offer any kind of insurances. Please contact the van owner direct for all problems and insurance questions.